MG TF 1250 - 1954 REG: MRK 548

Lost car model: 
Other MG
Reg no: 
MRK 548
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I sold my TF MG in the late 60s, in Carmen Red. Originally Birch Grey. I resided at that time at 235 Kingsway Huyton with Roby Liverpool which is where the car was registered to until it was sold to a person also in Kingsway. I remember seeing it in Watsons Motors, Pier Head Liverpool with a ticket attached saying it was for export to Canada. I have contacted clubs over there to no avail. I did not keep the engine number although it was Xpag original engine. The ID plate was in the usual place and very clear to the passenger side odf, the battery box under the bonnet. I would like to buy it back if possible so as to give it to my son as a present. Thanking you, Peter. Tel: 07738 097215.