MGB - KYP 511D

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KYP 511D
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I am the current owner of KYP 511D a BRG wire wheeled MGB sports tourer, built 2nd/3rd August 1966 and supplied to University Motors, London on 12th August 1966. It also features in a Wilson and Pritchard advert of unknown date as the ‘model’ for their MGB Sebring GT hard top. It has had at least two rebuilds to date, the latter of which happened in probably the mid 80s as I have pretty good MOT and service bills from 1989 on with no reference to a rebuild. At various times the car has been in Lincolnshire, Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Kent, Essex and Yorkshire. When in Cambridge it was serviced by the MGOC workshop but there are no records at the club going that far back. If anyone has any recollections of this car, owned it or has pictures/memorabilia connected to it, please make contact.