MGA - 6996 NK

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6996 NK
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I'm trying to trace an MGA that my father-in-law owned for about 30years from the mid 1960s. His name was Ron Hiorns. My wife (nee Debbie Hiorns) has very fond memories of being driven in the car by her father, who sadly passed away. She spent many a happy hour with her Dad working on cars, polishing car parts carefully arranged in trays in the workshop. I would love to find the car and be able to take her to see it as part of a 60th birthday surprise in Feb next year. I've searched on the DVLA and found that the car was registered in 1961. It is 1588cc, 2 axle rigid body, petrol and now gold (it was red when Ron owned it). The DVLA records show that is SORN, but this may be through the winter months, as Ron used to do something similar. Is there any way of tracing the current owner and cars location to see if it is possible for my wife to see it again?