LOST - 1978 MG MIDGET 1500

Lost car model: 
MG Midget
Reg no: 
HBV 696S
Contact email: 

This is a bit of a long shot. I've been searching for some time for a car I once owned. It was a March 1978 MG Midget - Reg : HBV 696S painted in Flamenco Red. It was a stunning car when I reluctantly sold it to fund the deposit on my first flat. This all happened in the mid-90s. I have checked the DVLA site and it states that the MOT last expired at Nov 14 and last Tax last expired at Aug 13. I'm not sure of the current status. It's encouraging to know it may have been on the road for circa 15 years after I sold it, which suggests it was cared for (I'm sure it was a couple from Fife who bought it). Any ideas? Perhaps the owner was a member? Kind regards, Craig Pagett. craigpagett@btinternet.com